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Contributing Writer: Carmen Thorpe

An artistic, visually interesting, interpretation of the traditional high heel is stepping into the pictures of Instagram and the feed on Twitter. The #heelconcepts are pictures of people –actually their foot–  creating a high heeled or a heeled shoe from an assortment of items; anything can create a heel, from donuts and coffee to make-up and more.  Pictures have been posted from all over and we have compiled our Top 5 Favorites (counting the one above) :

people-are-trying-out-heel-concepts-by-posting-pictures-of-their-heels-perched-above-various-objects                           4b710413c058592caa789d29aa1e2e69f9fdaf4aheel-concept-pictures8c28fa08496a049f3e0f37e16366af0bf198b39b

APMA reports this on the actual wearing of high heels:


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