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With this seemingly never ending winter, one could almost forget that spring is here –technically– and with that comes the Cherry Blossom celebration in our nation’s capital. This year, like those previously, will prove to be full of outdoor activities; tons of walking around around in the city, paddle boating around the Jefferson memorial  –for a great unobstructed view of the cherry blossom trees– and more!

Before heading out into the city to catch a glimpse of the beautiful pink blossom, it is very important to make sure that you are wearing the proper shoes for this occasion. No, we don’t mean the latest spring fashions, but we do mean the most supportive and comfortable shoes –preferably with orthotics.  With standing all day, sometimes in the same place (parade watching)  your feet will become fatigued – and there isn’t always a place to sit down–  so make sure that your shoes give your feet the most in arch support, are sturdy enough in structure, and extremely comfortable. Your feet will thank you later for wearing such shoes.  You can also do the following below throughout the day:

Here are a few links on how to get around in the city during the parade, specifics on dates to visit D.C., and how to maximize your overall cherry blossom experience!

Cherry Blossom Fireworks!

The 5 things you need to know…Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms’ blooming forecast

Remember that the peak bloom season is April 11-14, but the celebrations are beginning as early as April 4th!


Runners rely on their feet to take them to that finish line. The 26.2 mile marathon pushes a runner to the limit.  It takes everything a runner’s got to run the course to completion.

George Ellis, Service First Management, is an avid runner who felt a nagging ache in his arch two years ago. Arch pain can take an athlete out of the game — or race. If heel or arch pain persists, many options are available for relief.  Custom orthotics ordered and fitted specifically for the patient, is a conservative treatment that has offers a good chance for success.


Ellis wears them daily and just finished his 4th marathon in Anchorage, Alaska.  He is already planning his 5th: the Rock and Roll Marathon Series has a few options: the half marathons in Virginia Beach, Va. on Sept. 1 or Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love on Sept. 15.  Rock on!

Check out our Vine from the Finish Line!

Have you ever used orthotics?  Did you have a positive experience?  Please comment and share, we want to know!

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