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Manassas City Public School (MCPS) seniors graduated on June 13th at Jiffy Lube Live, but today June 16th, MCPS says goodbye to all of their students for the summer!

Although, this summer will be different from the years before because MCPS will be participating in the Summer Food Service Program. This means that children will be able to go to one of their local elementary schools to get breakfast and lunch for free. MCPS students will be returning to school in late August.

Enjoy summer vacation, and remember Bull Foot Clinic is here to help you with any foot and ankle injuries to keep you active throughout the summer!


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The warm weather feels even greater when you don’t have to worry about the appearance of your feet. Fungus leads to embarrassment, but some treatments can help. Dr. Mahavadi, Dr. Cardinal, and Dr. Arminio have all helped fight fungus for years and are here to help you understand fungus.

Bacterial fungus can infect your toes, usually starting on the skin, also know as athlete’s foot. If left untreated, it can infect the nail bed. This infection can cause your nails to appear thick, discolored, brittle, or black. Fungus grows in dark, moist, warm areas such as shoes; you can get fungus by being barefoot in common areas. In order to prevent fungus, our doctors recommend patients to keep their feet clean and dry daily and change their socks and shoes everyday.

At the clinic, our doctors offer three different treatment options for fungus. One option is an oral prescription, in which a blood test is needed. Another option are topicals, which are medications applied on the toes like a nail polish. Lastly, there is the laser treatment option, called HyperBlue Plus. This option is a 10 minute painless treatment that requires no blood test.

If you are sick of having fungus, come to the office today to have healthier toenails by the end of the season!



Dr.Greg Cardinal, is a hardworking, friendly, and outgoing. Before becoming a podiatrist, he was a musician for 15 years, which is where he started to impact the lives of others. He helped hundreds of people who were serving in the military by performing therapeutic music.

He decided to continue his passion for helping others by pursuing a career in podiatry. His interest include all aspects of primary podiatric care. After years of hard work, Dr. Greg Cardinal is recognized as a graduate of a dual degree program in Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and Master of Science in Healthcare Administration and Management. He is also affiliated in 6 other institution. Dr. Greg Cardinal is experienced and ready help with any podiatry related problems.

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If you are looking to participate in some great activities and you like fun events for the entire family, free parking, and free food then this is the event for you.  Come out to the Manassas Campus NOVA for STEMFest on Saturday, April 25th from 10 a.m. –3 p.m. The location of this grand event is at NOVA,  Manassas Campus, 6901 Sudley road, Manassas VA 20109. This Free event invites you to explore the exciting world of STEM; some of the activities will include:

  • 3D Printing
  • DNA Activities
  • Robotics
  • Live Music
  • Treasure hunt
  • and more…

There is also a chance to win a Tablet…and much more when you come to the STEMFest! It is important to point out that all lab activities require long pants, closed shoes and shoulders to be covered. No shorts, sandals or tank tops are permitted inside the labs.

Come join us at NOVA on April 25 to explore!

The City of Manassas Park is rich in history and community spirit.  Landmark sites include the foundations of Camp Carondelet, the Conner House (Yellow House), Signal Hill, the Union Mill Trestle and the Georgia Cemetery.  Tourists and locals appreciate these historical spots dotted throughout the “Park”.

Tucked behind Costello Park is a grand place that families can enjoy for fitness, education and gatherings.  The 80,000-sq.-ft. City of Manassas Park Community Center, opened in 2010, offers over 1,000 classes, camps and programs to city and area residents annually.

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An Old Dominion University (ODU) Biology student studying abroad in East Africa can come home with memories of close encounters with wild game, cultural experience with the Maasai people and a duffel bag of assorted hand-crafted goods.  Kathryn Coates, ODU, studied wildlife management with The School for Field Studies from February to mid-May.

She explored the landscape, researched the majestic animals and trading her American goods at market in Kenya and Tanzania.  She swapped t-shirts, shoes and accessories for wood carvings, intricate beaded jewelry and bright, lively skirts and pants for gifts.  Her inexpensive watch was in demand because it looked impressive on her wrist.

The big hit from her African treasure of souvenirs were a pair of flip-flops. Not only are they fashionable; they are green.  Flip them over and the soles are made of tire treads.  The natives of East Africa have repurposed old tires into a necessity — shoes —  and here is how:

Do you have a pair of authentic Maasai flip-flops?  If so, share an image.



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Kids do the craziest things — especially when spring hits.  Running, jumping, kicking, splashing, and sliding are all part of a kid’s daily routine when the sunshine lights up their spirit.  When they are not on the move, it is a good idea to pay attention to the growing spurts of their feet.

This month the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) is offering a wealth of information to educate parents about their child’s foot health.  Videos, shopping tips and social media links will point them in the right direction for education and tips for keeping their kid’s feet happy and healthy.

An APMA Pinterest board is worth a look.  It showcases approved APMA products and information for children’s podiatric needs.

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